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July 20, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

Key: __(f/n)__=First name
(h/c)=hair color
(h/l)=hair length
(e/c)=eye color


+~Your POV+~

You walked out of Professor Stein's class, your books held close to your chest as people rushed eagerly past you, ready to go home. Patty, a bubbly girl who always annoyed you ever since her seat had got moved next to you, ran up to you and jumped on your back. Causing your books to fly out of your arms. You hit the ground with a thud.

"__(F/N)__-CHAN~!" Her scream echoed throughout your ear, not caring about how you had just got the wind knocked out of you.

"Now Patty that was rude." a male voice rang. You felt your blood rush to your face. Death the Kid, the son of Lord Death himself, held his hand out for you, the other in his pocket as usual. You slowly reached your hand out and met his. His hand was smooth and warm, but yours was hot and sweaty. Patty got pulled off your back by her older sibling, Liz. Kid lifted you up without a problem. You stood up, his slender arm around your waist. "Can you stand __(f/n)__?" He asked, concern in his voice. You nodded, still red as a tomato. "Are you sure your okay?" His arm left your waist as he lifted his hand up to your forehead. The back of his hand felt your head, just making your face heat up more. "You feel a little hot..." He said, eyeing you. His topaz eyes bored into your (e/c) ones.

"Maybe we should take her to the Gallows Manor and make sure she is okay and if not we can take care of her for the night." Liz offered. You swooned a little at the thought of being in your crush's house.

"Oh nooo! She's swaying!!" Patty squealed, pointing at you as fell.


~+Kid's POV+~

__(f/n)__ hit the ground. Liz, Patty and I chorused in gasps at her lifeless figure laying on the ground. I dropped to my knees and picked up her head. Her (h/l) (h/c) covering her symmetrical face. I stared for a while, pushing a few strands of flyaway hair off her face.

"Kid when your done oogling can we take her to our place?" Liz said nonchalantly. A slight blush rose onto my cheeks.

"I-I was not OOGLING!" I protested standing up, brushing off my pants. "Now.." I started, clearing my throat. "Who is gunna carry her?" This beautiful creature.

"You should Kiddo!" Patty giggled. I nodded, not protesting. I kneeled down, and scooped her up, holding her bridal style. She hung loosely from my arms. She was lighter than I thought.

"Let's go." I say, turning around heading toward the exit of the academy. I walked out, not waiting for my weapons answer. I trudged out of the double doors, the sun's brightness made me want to shield my eyes...but that wasn't a choice. I began carefully walking down the steps and into the city, Liz and Patty trailing close behind. Patty began another of her giggle fits. I tried tuning her out. Soon it was just me and my thoughts. I looked down at __(f/n)__ lovingly. The way the sun shadowed on her was beautiful. The ends of my lips twitched into a smile. I wanted her to open her (e/c) orbs and look back at me with the same feeling....but no one near as perfect as her would ever fall for an asymmetrical pig like me. My smile faded at that occurring thought. It was probably true. She must have met someone else.

"KID LOOK OUT!!" Liz yelled, snapping me out of my trance. I looked ahead to see a wall. My eyes widened and I stopped in my tracks, almost bumping __(f/n)__ into the bricks. I closed my eyes and heaved out a sigh. "C'mon Kid we are almost home!" Liz said, lightly hitting the back of my head.

"Okay..." I said, turning down our sidewalk. We walked past a few houses until we were at ours. Patty ran up and opened the gate to the fence. I walked through. "Can someone get the front door?" I asked. Liz and Patty scrambled to get the door opened. I walked in, the temperature a bit cooler than outside. I walked to the couch and gently put her down. She shifted a bit, letting out a small groan. I chuckled lightly. I looked around making sure Liz or Patty wasn't looking and I bent down and kissed her forehead lightly.

"Wake soon __(f/n)__..." I whispered, before leaving the room.

+~Your POV~+

Your eyes fluttered open, light filling them causing me to shoot my arm up to shield my eyes. "Where am I?" You wondered aloud.

"KID!~ __(F/N)__-CHAN IS AWAKE!!!" A familiar bubbly voice shouted. Oh no.....I can't be at--

"Why hello __(f/n)__ did you sleep well?" Kid asked, coming in front of you, kneeling down gazing into my eyes. Liz elbowed Patty and whispered in her ear. Patty chuckled and grabbed her hand, rushing up the stairs out of sight. All your blood particles rushed to your face. He smelt so nice. "Oh no! You are redder than before!" He quickly stood up, "let me make you some soup!!" He announced. When he was out of sight you got up and swooned a bit. You closed your eyes and daydreamed.


"Oh __(f/n)__ your so funny." Kid chuckled, as a breeze brushed his bangs out of his face. You smiled and put your hand over his.

"I'm glad I can make you laugh!~" You sigh, rubbing circles on the top of his hand with your thumb. Flower petals flew past the space between the two of you which was now closing in. His eyes slowly closed, his face inches from yours. His breath tickled your cheek.

"I love you..." You whisper as your sight blurred due to you shutting your eyes.

"I love you t-"


"__(f/n)__ I have your soup!" Kid cooed as he set the bowl on the coffee table in front of you. Steam rose from the food. You stared at the food, trying to talk but it seemed you had lost your sense of speech.

"Um, thank you Kiddo-kun." Kid's cheeks deepened in color at his new nickname. You leaned forward until Kid's arm stopped you.

"I'll um, feed you..." He said shakily. You nod as he scooped up the liquid. He brought it up to his lips, blowing lightly. After a while he slowly put it to your lips. "Open wide..." He said almost seductively. You obey, slightly parting your lips as he leaned closer, trying to get the spoon in your mouth. The spoon, inches away from your open mouth slipped from his long fingers, falling down your shirt. The hot liquid burned your skin causing a yelp to escape your lips. "Oh god __(f/n)__ I'm terribly sorry, please don't get angry!!" Kid worried. Without thinking, Kid shot his hand down your shirt trying to fish the spoon out.

"K-Kid!!" You squealed, face redder than ever. His eyes, wider than saucers, looked up at you. He grabbed the spoon and pulled it out.

"Better?" He said, obviously not thinking about what he had just done.

"Kid! You just touched my-my...!" Your sentence trailed off. His face turned bright red.

" __(f/n)__ I'm sorry!!! I should never treat such a beautiful creature like that!" He yelled. "Please forgive my horrible actions!!!" Silence fell between you two.

"B-beautiful creature??" You asked, repeating his words. He turned from you.

"Y-yes..." He cleared his throat. "You are very beautiful __(f/n)__" He finished.


"Yeah, I like you..." His head shot to you, "Bu-but don't let this ruin our friendship!! I mean like....ugh how do I put it. I....I think that...NO um...I...!" He sputtered out. You smile a bit at his cute actions. He sat there rambling on and on, trying to say what he wanted to without looking like a retard. You pulled your hand up, resting it on his cheek. He stopped mid-sentence.

"Kid, I like you too..." He grabbed your cheeks and pulled you to him, smashing his lips onto his roughly, but lovingly. You kissed back, wrapping your arms around his neck while his arms snaked around you waist. He pulled away for air as you pouted. He pushed your back on the couch, his hands resting next to your head. He lowly chuckled.

"Are you sure?" He asked, eyes full of lust. You nod, breathless. He started to pull you (f/c) top off. He threw it as it fluttered to the ground he eyed your burns across your chest. "I am so sorry about this." He lifted one of his hands, lightly tracing the injury. A moan pushed through your lips. He smiled at your reaction. He leaned his head down toward your breasts, kissing your burn before he then traced it with his tongue. You purred, it hurt yet felt wonderful at the same time. He left a trail of wet kisses up your collarbone to the edge of your lips. His hand grasped your left breast massaging it. His feathers for lips met yours. After a while you felt his muscle lick your bottom lip, begging for an entrance. You kept your mouth shut, teasing him. He gave your boob a good squeeze. Your mouth opened for a gasp leaving enough room for his tongue to shoot in. He explored your wet cavern, not leaving a centimeter untouched claiming you as his own. After he had his fun with your mouth he grabbed your shoulders, not breaking the kiss. You both sat up. He pulled away and unclasped your bra. You flung it off, not letting it hang on you. You laid back down again while he went down to your body once more. He stuck your rosy peak in his mouth sucking on it, while his other hand twirled it between his fingers. You couldn't contain it anymore. The moan that had been building up in your throat released. You felt Kid smile against your skin. You then pushed him off of you. He looked at you, tilting his head.

"Ah ah ah~ Its my turn!" You giggle softly as you pulled his shirt off, showing his perfectly toned chest. You started kissing at his collarbone making your way down to his pants line. You unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zipper down. He helped you slid his pants off. His member bounced up after freeing it from the pants. Kid hadn't moaned yet, and you had now made it your goal. You looked up at him and gently ran your finger across his shaft. His face brightened, holding in his moan. Yow frowned slightly and kissed the still clothed body part. You felt him intertwine his fingers in your(h/l)(h/c)hair. You grabbed the elastic of his boxers, pulling them down. He kicked them off as it landed with the rest of the clothing. You grabbed his member, lightly kissing the tip before shoving it in your mouth. He gasped and pulled your hair, causing you to moan. He groaned loudly at the vibration you created. Your head bobbed up and down while Kid let out choruses of moans.

"__(f/n)__ I-I'm gunna- ahhh~!" He was cut short while his seed covered your tongue. You obediently swallowed, grinning. He smirked and yanked your (jean/(f/c) cotton)skirt, leaning you in your (thong/underwear). He smiled. "Wet already?" He laughed. You blushed a bit. He teasingly pulled off your undergarment before laying it on the ground. His head shot to your throbbing core and he shot his tongue in, swirling it around. He hit a bundle of nerves which shot pleasure throughout your body.

"Ah Kid~! Right there!!" You cooed. He brought his tongue in and out, each time hitting your sweet spot. "I'm so close!" You moaned loudly as you hit. He licked all around, getting rid of all your juices.

"You taste wonderful." He winked. He reached down and fished in the coffee table's drawer, pulling out a condom before sliding it onto his huge shaft. He then crawled up your body, his member poking at your core. He slowly pushed in his shaft. First the tip, causing you to moan, then mid-way, a little pain shooting through you before he slammed into you fully causing you to scream at the pain. Tears began pouring down your cheeks. He kissed them away. "Just tell me when it's okay for me to move.....I don't want to hurt you.....princess." He whispered in your ear. After a while the pain was replaced by pure pleasure coursing through your veins.

"Move..." You ordered. He came out then slammed back in. He went faster and faster. Your bodies covered in a thin layer of sweat gleaming in the light as you bobbed up and down. Then a wonderful feeling began bubbling in your stomach. "Kid...~"

"Yes, I know __(f/n)__,let us go out together." He purred. You moaned as you both hit, mixing your liquid together. He pulled out, his member once tall and proud was now limp. He pulled the condom off, tossing it on the ground. "I'll get it before Liz or Patty sees." He assured you before standing you up. He grabbed the blanket off the edge of the bed and laid on his back. He motioned for you to lay on top of him. You obeyed and pressed your skins together. He carefully sprayed the blanket over you both. "__(f/n)__?" He asked as your head rested on his chest.

"Yes?" You ask. His hand came up and stroked your hair.

"Will you be my princess?" He asked. You close your eyes and smirk.

"Of course...." You whisper. He leaned down and kissed the top of your head. Before too long, you both fell asleep.

~+Liz's POV+~

I looked up from my book. The moans had ceased. I stood up.

"Did they finally finish?" I asked myself aloud. I walked down the hallway and trudged down the stairs to see __(f/n)__ and Kid together, enveloped by the silk blanket sleeping. I smiled a bit.

"Do you think they are together?! And sis why was there loud banging down here??! It scared me so much I hid in the closet!! But then the noise stopped and I still don't know what that was! Hehehe was it a robber?!?" Patty shot questions out from behind me, causing me to jump.

"Jesus Patty! Don't do that!!" I yelled, running back to my room.

"But sis!!! I still have one more question!!!"

"What?!" I asked harshly, stopping in my tracks. She pouted before saying something that almost made me vomit.

"I heard the noises and came down there and saw Kid hitting __(f/n)__ with his body!!! Why were they fighting?!"  
This was a request for :icontoxic-talon: I hope u enjoy. I'm sorry if its short x.x I tried and I honestly think this is better than my first lemon~ :iconsqueeeeplz: PROGRESS!!! YIPEE! Also....if u need me to note u this....feel free to ask ;)

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poor patty she is so confused..................LOVE IT
Patty too innocent... I mean, she used to be a street thug she's going to know about sex. Also, I get the feeling that her innocence is the kind that can be switched on and off. Just saying...
JanitorJax Mar 29, 2014  New member
I laughed because my names jackie, and at the star its first name then chan. Jackie Chan!!
Nat12355 Mar 28, 2014  New member
No words just...nosebleeds
phantomdeathwifey12 Mar 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist Filmographer
O.O A..M....A....Z...I....N....G!!!
crossevans1 Mar 22, 2014  New member
patty's that innocent lol
shayreinrose Mar 22, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
omg patty lmao this was great btw
XxXxbonnieXxXx Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I lost my shit at the end :D
This was amazing!~ Love 
ZoeNotPopular Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes patty, we were fighting... With our bodies..
glambert99ash Mar 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD "fighting" suuure
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