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March 16
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Your POV

You looked up at your boyfriend, Lovino, smiling widely. Tomorrow was going to be your two year anniversary! He smiled back weakly, nervousness pilling up in your stomach. He had been acting weird around you lately, and it wasn't making you happy at all.

Just be friends,
all we gotta do,
just be friends,
time to say goodbye,
just be friends...all we gotta do is,
just be friends, just be friends, just be friends...

"You okay?" You asked, scooting closer to him on the bench you two sat on, grabbing his large hand. He jerked back, looking away from you. You let out a silent gasp. "Lovino?"

"Yes?" He said, monotone. You bit your lip, trying to hold in your sadness getting ready to overwhelm you. You looked at him, your (e/c) orbs pleading to him. He heaved out and stood up. "I'm just tired..." He answered your question. You stood up at well, grabbing onto his torso.

"Go get some rest then....I'll see you tomorrow.." You tell him, kissing his back. You felt him exhale, grabbing onto your hand and pulling it off his chest.

"Yeah..." He began to stride away from you. You called after him, hurtfulness ringing in your tone. "I-I love you!!" You called, cupping your hands over your mouth. He kept walking, not answering. You closed your eyes. Hoping and praying he just didn't hear you.

Early morning yesterday it finally occurred to me,
just like a puzzle where I had placed every single piece,
and now I don't know what to do now that I see what we're both moving to,
is this the point in time we both prayed and hoped we be?

You turned around, your back facing your lover as your heart ached. He was just so distant lately it hurt you badly. Heading home, alone you recalled memories of the happy times you spent with Lovino. You smiled weakly, looking over at the light pole where you two both shared your first kiss. The night he finally said he loved you.

Somehow I knew that from the deepest reaches of my heart,
the hardest choice would be the choice that tears us both apart.
And now I can't ignore, all the feelings that I felt before,
I wonder why I never tried to tell you from the start...


"I guess....I'm trying to..." He looked away, blushing. Your hand grabbed his cheek.

"Lovino?" You asked, trying to search for his emotion through hazel eyes. You got lost in his beautiful orbs. He grabbed your cheeks, pulling you in for a rough, yet somewhat sweet kiss. You smiled against his lips, kissing back. He pulled away, his blush still on his cheeks.

"I-I love you...(name)." You gasped, of course you two had been dating for a while now, but he never made that first step...that crucial step that could change an entire relationship if said too early. You let go a sudden smile, hugging him tightly.

"I love you too...."


You smiled weakly. Those were the days. The days he kept you smiling and laughing, talking non-stop and opening up so much to you. But nowadays he won't even utter a single 'Hello' when he spots you on the street or at school. You looked up at the purple sky, the sunset setting the perfect mood like that one date you had with Lovino.

Here in this world of ours that's slowly falling all around us,
we're trying to move on, but it's the best we can do,
our happiness fading-and smiles evading,
the truth within the lie~

The sun was setting after a long tiring day of school. You both sat on your favorite park bench, kids laughing and playing behind you two as Lovino held you close, a gust of wind shifting by. He pecked your forehead.



"Are you happy with me?" He asked, squeezing you closer to his toned chest. You smiled, closing your eyes and resting your head on his shoulder, grabbing onto his crisp, clean white tee.



The more you thought about all the happy times you two spent the more it made your heart mourn. You kicked a pebble on the sidewalk, getting ready to cross the busy street, people skateboarding by, and cars zooming past, but no sound came to you. All you could hear was Lovino...all his kind words he said in the past. Now all he seems to do is argue and bicker over small things like a girl on her period, anything could set him off.

Now all I hear are screams between us,
resounding and boucing the echoes throughout my mind,
nothing remains, nothing is left at the end of the line,
at the end of our chain we both run out of time.

You looked both ways at the street light turned red, stopping any cars getting ready to pass. You speed walked across the passing. Trying to get home, trying to get Lovino out of your mind before you break down. You were so happy being with him, and now it's like he doesn't feel that way anymore. You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. Your heart skipped a beat, hoping it was him. Slowly reaching into your pocket you saw a new text message....from Toni. You let out a small sigh and shoved your phone back into your pocket, looking up to see where you were going. You sighed, turning the corner, you apartment now in sight.

After getting inside your house you plopped onto your bed, hoping to drift off into sleep without a single worry. You looked up to see your room mate Kalie, sleeping soundlessly in her bed, cuddled up to the stuffed animal Antonio gave her for their anniversary. You couldn't help but feel jealous...Lovino never did that kind of stuff for you anymore. You laid your head back down, tears welling up in your eyes.

So was it fate that brought us together,
only to remind us that love's not forever?
I said, "You know that's how it goes,
that's just the way that life is."
So no regrets, baby don't fret-you know I hate to see you cry~

You woke up in the middle of the night, sprawled across your bed in an awkward position. You looked over at your clock, 3:34. You sighed, crawling under your comforter and trying to fall back asleep. It was officially your two year anniversary with Lovino. You remembered how on your first year anniversary he called you at midnight and told you how much he cared and loved you and how lucky he was to be with you. What ever happened to him?

All we gotta do is,
just be friends,
it's time to say goodbye,
just be friends,
all we gotta do is,
just be friends...just be friends...just be friends.

Kalie shook you awake. You squinted, your eyesight just a bit blurred. She smiled.

"Happy anniversary!!" You never told Kalie how you felt, never told her how Lovino was slowly wearing your heart down to nothing, slowly killing you on the inside with his coldness. You mustered a smile.

"Hah, I think Romano should be saying that not you..." You joked, pulling the covers off your body. She giggled.

"Well, while you were dozed off I gave him and Toni a call, we all are going to meet for a fancy dinner tonight to celebrate!" She got up and started to dance. You felt your heart drop, not sure if you could take more of your boyfriends standoffishness from you. You loved him dearly and you just couldn't let would rather him wear you down to nothing than give him up. He left too many good memories and impressions to leave your mind, no matter what he did. "You can thank Antonio for the idea." She pointed out before skipping off to the bathroom, that damned bear in her arm. You tensed up.

Last night a quiet moment helped me bring my thoughts around,
no sense in picking fallen petals up from off the ground,
this flower's past its bloom and you know we can both assume,
our time is gone,
let's move along,
it was never meant to be.

Last summer had to be the best time in you and Lovino's sparkling relationship. The whole day was crystal clear in your mind, you remembered every single detail.


You both laid on the hot sand, you half on his lap. The waves crashed gently as a few people played in the cool, sparkling water. The way the ocean glistened from the sun and the breeze that flew by every now and then complimented everything. You grabbed a handful of sand, letting the wind take it away, eroding it somewhere else. Lovino kissed your neck, smiling against the skin. You smiled back, thinking it was a sweet gesture until he grabbed you bridal style. You gasped as he started running to the water.

"Don't you dar-" You were stopped by the chilly water going above your head as Romano threw you in, letting the water splash everywhere. He chuckled, as you splashed water on him, starting an all out water fight.


He was so different around you, he wasn't moody and grumpy..he was fun and talkative, someone completely different that was now disappearing right before you, not being able to stop it....just watching the one you love fade off. But that was last summer, of course people were going to least that's what you kept telling yourself.

Don't you remember the first summer it was all worthwhile,
and every moment that we spent together,
made you smile?
Fights that we won't recall, with no regard to how we felt at all,
our words were cruel, we played the fool.
The end is on our minds.

Kalie took you shopping all day, showing you around the town you barely knew. Of course she was on cloud nine, you would be too if he wasn't on your mind. It seriously bugged you, his feelings toward you slowly, painfully changing and yet you still loved him. With every bit of your heart you cared for him, and he didn't return the favor...or at least that's how he is currently acting. Everyday he has become farther and father away from you, spacing himself from the one he loved.

And with every single day that passes slowly by us,
there's nothing I can do--nothing I can do for us,
but I will always love you,
and I'll always think of you,
but I have to tell you now!

Kalie ended up buying you a (f/c) dress, something not too over the top, but something not to casual. Kalie told you she already had a dress since Antonio regularly took her out. Rage was building up inside you, like a shaken up soda bottle, you were ready to pop. Kalie received a call, from Feli and she was now talking away on the phone to the Italian. You leaned against a building, looking up at passing birds. Your depression starting to swallow you up.

Kalie finally finished her call, and you both headed home. After hours of shopping all you wanted to do was sit down and relax, maybe cuddle with
Lovino and bring back the old days. Those rainy days were you two would sit down and watch a cheesy romance movie whilst making fun of it the whole time, stuffing you faces with popcorn.

Oh somewhere deep in my heart it's raining,
the clouds are remaining to drown me away from you,
I'm driven, but I've had enough.
Our broken heartache's still here,
it seems that no matter what it simply won't disappear.

It was now 5:23, almost a half an hour 'til the dinner. Kalie was dolling you up.

"I don't know how I feel about make-up..."

"And she finally speaks!!" She gasped, brushing some more blush onto my cheek bones. " 'bout time! You had me worried...seriously (name) no need to get so bummed out on a day as important as this one...last year you were so ecstatic for your anniversary." She huffed. While she went to go get some more eye shadow you checked your phone. He didn't even bother to text or call you all day. You tried to swallow the lump forming in your throat. Kalie came back.

"Can we just go to the dinner?" You asked, voice cracking. Kalie was taken back. Honestly, you just wanted to get the date other with. Every time you saw Lovino your heart would break more and more....yet you still cared so deeply, he was stuck on your heart, forever a scar of your past. Kalie nodded.

"I guess." She said a bit suspiciously.


"I will love you...always..." He whispered softly into your ear. He slid a promise ring onto your finger, the cold metal giving you the chills. You giggled.

"Promise?" You ask, grabbing onto his hand. He squeezed your fingers.



That was a while ago, when he still bothered to show he cared, sharing his love for you any chance he got.

The bond between us has finally broken,
there's too much unspoken,
we're falling so far apart.
Goodbye my love-It's done sweetheart...
Sayonara, it's the end.
It's time to depart,
and we will never look back my friend~

Kalie and Antonio were sitting at the resteraunt table, laughing and talking. Lovino was late, 34 minutes late to be precise. Your food, soup, had even already been served to you. You looked away from your friends, embarrassed as Lovino sat down in front of you.

"Sorry, there was traffic." He said, his voice not sounding so sorrowful.

"We have those times, no need to fret." Kalie assured, smiling. You hesitantly looked up at him, scared for the pain that would come. He was dressed casually, he didn't even show a sign of trying. Antonio came in a tux and here you were all dressed up...for HIM! You shook lightly, rage coursing through you.

"Bastard..." You mutter, balling up your fists.

"What was that chica?" Toni asked, steering away from his conversation, everyone at the table looking at you, except your boyfriend. He was too busy checking out the waitress to notice you.

"Bastard..." You spat out louder.

"(Name) need to speak up." Kalie seemed concerned, her small hand rested on your shoulder, feeling you shake. "(Na-"

"YOU BASTARD!" You screeched, not being able to contain your anger, you threw your soup at Lovino. Kalie and Antonio gasping out in disbelief.

"BITCH! What did I do?!" He spat back, standing up as the hot liquid poured down him.

"" You started to shake worse, gathering people's attention, the room was silent, no one moved, ate, or uttered a word. All eyes were on you. "You keep distancing yourself away from me! You never tell me you care, you never answer me, your sentences are short and choppy, you never seem to give a shit, and you are always checking out other women!! You act like a woman who is constantly on her period, you always seem to have something come up to avoid being with me! You never say sorry or look at me or talk to me anymore! I can't take it, you're hurting me...hurting me so badly." You sobbed, hot tears rolling down your cheek.

Just this one time- oh this one time~
if I could make a wish upon a fallen star,
if it came true, I'd stay with you,
Always forever you and I together~

"What do you care anyway." You said a bit softer now, "You don't want me here do broke your promise." You took off the ring on your finger, throwing it onto the ground. "I can never forgive you.....but the sad part is....I'm still in love with you..." You hung your head.

"(Name)......" Kalie whispered, barely auditable.

"I do care!! Who said I didn't! I don't know what delusional world you're in!! I always show that I care! I never changed!! I'm the same old me! You need to wake up, (name), I haven't broken a single promise." He looked away from your gaze at that last sentence. You gritted your teeth, tears continuing to fall off your cheeks.

"Look me in the eyes..."

"What?" He snapped.

"Look me in the eyes and tell never broke a promise.."

"I never broken a single promise.." His gaze averted somewhere beside you.

"DAMNIT LOVINO! JUST TELL ME THE TRUTH! I'm tired of lies!" You screamed, pounding your fist onto the dinner table.


"Y-You didn't..."

Now all I hear are screams between us,
resounding and boucing the echoes throughout my mind.
Nothing remains, nothing is left,
at the end of the line,
at the end of our chain, we both run out of time.

"With who..." You mumbled, Lovino looked away. You repeated yourself, a bit louder that time.


"Fuck you." You said, wiping the tears off your reddened face.

"I never meant to hurt you..."

"If you didn't...then you wouldn't have done it..."

The bond between us is finally broken,
there's too much unspoken,
we're falling so far apart.
Goodbye my love-It's done sweetheart.
Sayonara, it's the end.

You turned around, leaving Kalie, Toni, and Lovino behind, people's gazes burned into you as they watched you leave, your head held high.

" this...the end?" He asked, his voice cracking. You stopped in you tracks, not turning around.

"I-I guess so..."

"Please...(name) give me another chance!!" He called after you, starting to cry.

"How can I believe do I know you're not just going to send me other the edge again?"

"(Name)...." He said loudly, sounding as if he was about to follow you. You ran to the door, grabbing onto the handle you looked outside, breathing in you watched the cars fly by. You opened the door a bit, the bell ringing. Still no one breathed, no one did a thing.

It's time to depart,
but you will always be my best friend,
just be friends,
all we gotta do is,
just be friends,
it's time to say goodbye,
just be friends,
all we gotta do is,
just be friends....just be friends....just be friends,
Just be Friends...

You looked over your shoulder to see the love of your life sobbing into his hands. You opened your mouth, before shakily whispering to the only person in the world you cared for so much, the one you'd die for, your last loving words you could ever be able to utter to him again.

"I will always love you..." and with that, you went out and shut the door on him....

This is my first super sad story so go easy on me okay???

;u; please tell me what you harsh comments about how this was a 'bummer' 'too sad' etc.

I don't own Hetalia (sadly)
Kalie(c):iconbuutterflykisses: lawl I think I own myself
You(c):iconcryingromanoplz: (but not anymore :L )

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